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Alina Walkusz is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. She has been a teacher for many years preparing young people for artistic studies in Poland & abroad.

 Currently, she is involved in her own creative activity in the field of post-impressionism & abstractionism. She takes part in projects, open-air events and collective/individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

One of them is her solo exhibition in Tenerife in May 2024 in our pop-up gallery VivaQi.

As an artist she is constantly searching and exploring. Below we’ve attached some views on how some of her associates perceive her as an artist:

“Alina Walkusz is an artist who has been searching for her individual form of artistic expression for years. She strives for forms that are more symbolic than realistic, more probable than obvious. At the same time, she uses rich and bold colours: clean, full of light and shadow. It is a conscious activity, resulting from the knowledge, experience and her own developed technics.

She combines colours with gold and silver, obtaining the endless impressionistic shimmer of seas, vast forests, blooming meadows and gardens.
Her painting is a very individual statement with unlimited creative imagination. Spontaneous release of energy – innovative, surprising, mysterious. It attracts the viewer’s attention, forces them to think and allows them to see the transience and metaphysical nature of the presented world.
She creates out of the compulsion of her inner-self, view of the world, sensitivity and personality.
The distinctiveness, spontaneity and originality of her paintings are a reason to notice, appreciate and distinguish them.” – Anna Dajnowicz

“Ms. Alina Walkusz is a versatile painter. Her interpretation of the world forces the viewer to reflect. To achieve this, he uses a variety of means of expression, materials, techniques and original creative techniques. This is intended to intrigue the audience and create an aura of mystery.
Ms. Alina practices figurative and abstract painting, which is her passion. They are characterized by sophisticated colors, often bold, but always adequate to the composition of the image and the message it conveys.
The main inspiration for the paintings is nature – seas, oceans, flowering meadows, gardens and landscapes. She presents them in a way that is sometimes difficult to read, but arouses many emotions through the richness of form, colour and texture.” – Brygida Śniatecka

Irysy są zawsze mile widziane - Alina Walkusz

Czy to Gomera? - Alina Walkusz

Płomień Afryki - Alina Walkusz

Playa del Duke - Alina Walkusz 


Dmuchawce, latawce, wiatr  - Alina Walkusz

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