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Simon Wieland

Simon Wieland (1985-2014) was a Polish-born multidisciplinary artist based between Poland, London/UK and Canary Islands.

He established himself with his distinctive perspective and style through his artistic journey since he became deeply interested in esoteric and ancient knowledge.. in particular the correlation of power of sound, human awareness and sacred geometry.
These topics served as the inspiration for his particular style incorporating the use of shapes and proportions taken from sacred geometry.

All of Simon’s artworks were hand-drawn, typically on dark backgrounds using metallic inks. This colour combination produces a special contrast and depth that is utterly captivating and lends itself to meditative states.

He kept experimenting and developing his art, moving beyond drawings to murals, video animations and Cymatics installations.
Simon developed a reputation as an enthusiastic artist who consistently pushed limits and investigated novel concepts thanks to his many passions.

His distinctive style and viewpoint continue to inspire others. His work can be found in private collections and has been displayed in a number of galleries throughout the world.


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