Margarita Barnas

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Margarita Barnas is an artist of Polish origin residing in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Barnas diminishes the concept of difference between art and craftsmanship in her works, subverting the hierarchies between high and low culture, as she does in her daily work as a nurse.

Margarita defends art as a therapeutic and self-care refuge for everyone who practices it, and prescribes it whenever she can.  She emphasises that unlike in medicine, anyone can self-prescribe a cure in a form of creativity and artistic self-expression.

On 28 October 2023, at VivaQi Gallery pop-up space, in her first solo exhibition, she presented her collection of abstracts, mainly but not exclusively, in fluid acrylic paint technique, on canvas, boards and 3D objects.

She previously also experimented with collage, decoupage, scrap and artistic binding.

Her works are full of movement, harmoniuos colour combinations and intriguing patterns that lend themselves perfectly for display in interiors as originals, art prints and variety of printed products.


Margarita Barnas - Acrylic on canvas 

Margarita Barnas - Acrylic triptich on canvas 

Margarita Barnas - Acrylic on canvas 

Margarita Barnas - Acrylic on canvas 

Margarita Barnas - Acrylic on canvas